Edward Snowden to Answer Live Questions

The man behind the NSA leak will answer questions on The Guardian

Edward Snowden has been on the run for about two weeks, since before he even made his name public. The NSA whistleblower has given out an interview last week and is now preparing to answer live questions.

The man behind the NSA leak will answer questions regarding the surveillance programs ran by the NSA on The Guardian’s website at 11AM BST/4PM BST.

Until then, anyone can log in and post a question directed to Snowden, that he could answer during this exclusive intervention.

The live chat is subject to some security concerns, so there’s a warning that he might appear and disappear as he tries to hide himself from the authorities.

The post has gathered over 250 comments in just an hour and more are sure to come until the time comes for Snowden to take the stage. Many have thanked him for giving them such information, while others asked him for more information about what PRISM entails to compare with what the authorities have been saying over the past two weeks.

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