Ecuador's President, the Only One Who Can Grant Snowden Asylum

The Ecuadorian president is the only one who can make the final decision

The Ecuadorian president is the only person who can make a decision regarding Edward Snowden’s asylum request, Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino said.

According to El Nuevo Empresario, upon arriving in Quito after a trip abroad, foreign minister Ricardo Patino said that there is no division within the government regarding granting asylum to the NSA whistleblower.

“There can be no division here since there is only one command. A single person directs foreign policy of Ecuador and that is the President of the Republic,” Patino said.

The bigger concern, the Ecuadorian minister said, is that a crime has been reported and what response should be given to the country that has been accused of spying everyone, namely the United States of America.

He claims that there has been a violation of international treaties and of human rights.

Previously, Ecuador has waived its trade benefits denouncing pressures from the United States in the Snowden case. They have also offered to fund human rights trainings in the U.S.

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