Ecuador Still Willing to Give Snowden Asylum

Ecuador's president says that Ecuador could still give Snowden asylum if he wants it

Ecuador is not giving up on Edward Snowden and could still offer him asylum, should he desire it and push a request through official channels.

President Rafael Correa said on Tuesday that if the whistleblower applies for political asylum in the Ecuadorian territory, such as the country’s Moscow embassy, the authorities would consider accepting the appeal.

“If he comes to our diplomatic mission in some country and asks for political asylum, we will accept his application, consider all the legal aspects, and make our decision,” Correa told the media as he attended a press conference following a meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The whistleblower has already asked for asylum in Ecuador, but has done so from the transit area of the Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow and not from the country’s territory as requested by law.

In Russia, Snowden has temporary asylum, which will expire at the end of July 2014, 12 months after it was granted. If he wants, the whistleblower can ask for political asylum, which has a more permanent status, in Russia or he can choose another country, such as Ecuador.

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