Ecuador: Massive Spying Practices Threaten World Peace

The Ecuadorean Foreign Minister believes that the world should react to the US spying

Ecuadorean Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino called on the international community to react to the actions of the United States government, namely the cyber espionage practiced by the NSA.

Patino considers that the United States is guilty of violating rules laid down in international law for spying on sovereign countries, including Ecuador, El Nuevo Empresario reports.

The foreign minister is referring to the information published by O Globo’s Glenn Greenwald regarding the spying activities of the United States in countries from South America. He considers this to be an offence against the world, affecting international peace.

“It was revealed that Ecuador is being watched. Hopefully, international relationships will begin to change. Hopefully, those countries that have been complicit to espionage practices, will realize they cannot keep playing with the peace of the world, with the dignity of the countries and people,” Patino said.

He calls upon the world to react to the affronts brought by the United States. “It’s time to tell those countries that are violating international law, they are abusing their technological knowledge and skill,” the Ecuadorean foreign minister concluded.

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