DuckDuckGo's Snoopy Doodle Logo

The Google competitor is running a doodle of its own

Doodles, it seems, are not exclusive to Google. While the search engine made the format popular, others have started doing similar things, like Bing's background images synced to the various occasions.

Now, DuckDuckGo, the Google for people who don't like Google, is running a doodle dedicated to the 90th birthday of Charles Schulz, creator of the Peanuts comics and the popular Snoopy character.

Clicking on the custom logo leads to a search for "Charles Schultz," like on Google.

It's hardly the first doodle DuckDuckGo has run, it's been doing it on occasion for the past couple of years. All the doodles share a common theme, a variation of Dax, the DuckDuckGo mascot and logo.

This time around, it's wearing a Snoopy hoodie. In the past, Dax has been a pirate, an astronaut and Leonardo Da Vinci.

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