Dropbox for Teams Adds New Intuitive Admin Controls

It's easier for admins to stay on top of activity and control access

Dropbox has always been a hit with businesses – it make sense too –, simple file sharing is something small teams and companies are going to need a lot more and a lot more often than regular users.

But Dropbox wasn't built with enterprise in mind and, even after Dropbox for teams was introduced, there were still some missing features.

That's what a revamped admin console and new sharing controls in Dropbox for Teams is all about. The idea is to make the admin controls as easy and intuitive as the user-facing tools.

It's now easier for admins to keep track of activity, for all the users in the team they can view recent activity, active web sessions, devices linked to the account, and so on.

There are also new tools for sharing; admins can decide at the account level what sharing options each user gets. It is also possible to require two-step authentication for all users now as well as unlink current sessions or devices.

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