Dropbox Snatches Up Photo App Snapjoy, to Bring All Your Photos Together

Dropbox seems to be on a shopping spree for the holiday season

Dropbox is on a shopping spree, not long after snatching up cloud music service Audiogalaxy, it's gotten its hands on Snapjoy, a photo service which aims to bring all of your photos, from across the web and across devices, into one place.

You can see why Dropbox would be interested and the acquisition is yet another proof or at least hint at Dropbox's strategy going forward, to add more value to its service by moving beyond simply storing files to hosting and making people's media files available.

Snapjoy has a simple goal, to bring all of your photos, from your hard drive, memory card, Flickr, Instagram, Picasa, or your mobile devices.

It's not taking any more registrations, but existing users can continue to use it for the time being.

Spanjoy explains the deal by saying that they can solve the same problem they were trying to do with the service, but at a much bigger scale with Dropbox.

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