Dropbox Snags New Funds, Valuation Hits $10 Billion / €7.38 Billion [WSJ]

Now that Dropbox values so much, talks about its IPO are back

Talks that Dropbox is heading for its IPO are back now that the company’s valuation hit $10 billion (€7.38 billion).

According to the Wall Street Journal, that quotes unnamed sources, the cloud storage company organized another round of venture capital fundraising that brought Dropbox $250 million (€184 million).

This puts the company’s valuation around $10 billion (€7.38 billion), something that makes everyone hopeful that one of the big tech IPOs of the year will bear Dropbox’s name.

Execs of the company avoided the topic of going public in the past, although they admitted that this could be in the plans, eventually.

According to Re/code, two other investors are currently in discussions with the company, which could bring an additional $100 million (€73.8 million) to $150 million (€111 million) to Dropbox, which would further increase its valuation.

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