Dropbox Opens Offices in Dublin to Cater to Europeans

This will be Dropbox's first international office

Dropbox is making its first international expansion and has announced that it is opening offices in Dublin, Ireland, to serve the European market. The city of choice is no coincidence, that's where most tech firms host their EU offices, due to the low taxes and increasingly specialized work force.

"Little known fact: Dropbox has served its users in 200 countries (including 10 users in Antarctica!) from just a single office in the States," Dropbox boasts.

"While it’s made for pretty awesome bragging rights, we’ve decided to listen to common sense and jump the pond. We’re excited to announce that Dublin, Ireland will soon be the home to the very first Dropbox overseas office," it announces.

From there, it will offer support in more languages, Italian and "European" Spanish, that would be regular Spanish or "non-Latin America" Spanish, for now. Dropbox for Teams users will also get full time support because of this.

First though, Dropbox has to hire the people to do all this, so if you're in Dublin or plan to move there, you can give it a try.

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