Dropbox May Be Looking for an IPO Later This Year

The company has been doing quite well, but its financial details are fuzzy

Dropbox has been highly successful so far, at least in terms of getting people to sign up and use the site. How well it's doing financially is less known.

But it must be doing at least OK, since it's now considering an IPO, possibly as early as this year.

It's nothing official, but rumors say Dropbox execs have been meeting with banks to discuss the matter.

Dropbox is already valued at $4 billion, €3 billion, in its last funding round, and may be looking to raise money in a public offering at a higher valuation than that.

Dropbox is making some bigger inroads into the enterprise market, the service is already used widely by small and medium businesses, but Dropbox is adding new features that would make the tool easier to manage in an enterprise environment.

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