Dropbox Is Once More Available in China

The popular cloud storage service is no longer blocked by the Great Firewall

After close to four years, Dropbox has finally been unblocked in China.

According to Tech in Asia, the cloud service is now once more available for users. Although the publication noticed the fact that Dropbox was available again last week, it waited a few days to verify that it wasn’t just a fluke.

This isn’t the first time when Dropbox has slipped through the cracks of the Great Firewall, but this time it could be a long-time decision.

This could be great news for the American cloud storage service as rumor has it that it is heading for an IPO later this year, although the news was not officially confirmed. Having the ability to expand to a country as big as China gives Dropbox a lot of growth room.

Meanwhile, however, the service has many serious competitors in China that offer a lot more free storage space. This is, obviously, something that users will search for, on top of reliability.

Dropbox was blocked in China in 2010 after authorities discovered politically sensitive material being shared via the platform.

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