Dropbox – Google Docs Integration Might Come Soon

Dropbox CEO says he'd like to integrate the platform with Google Docs

Dropbox would like to integrate its platform with Google Docs, the company’s CEO said.

Drew Houston, Dropbox CEO, believes it would benefit the service to have a better integration with Google’s document, spreadsheet and presentation editing tools, claiming this as something they would love to do, AllThingsD reports.

This is possibly due to the fact that Dropbox isn’t really compatible with other services provided by Google, Apple or Microsoft, which makes it difficult for the service’s users to have a smooth experience over all platforms.

And since Google’s chief of Chrome, Android and Apps Sundar Pichai has also expressed an interest in integrating Dropbox with Google Docs, this could actually become reality in the months to come.

A deal with Internet giant Google could be quite beneficiary to Dropbox, who has over 175 million registered users.

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