Download Google's Play Books iOS App with Single Sign-On Support

The updated app comes with a few nice features, including support for Single Sign-On

Google has updated its Play Books app for iOS with Single Sign-On support.

Single Sign-On is a feature that allows users to sign in a single time on any of the apps supporting the feature and then automatically log into all other apps. This cuts down the time required to log into numerous apps and eliminates the entire annoying process.

The feature has long since been available for other Google iOS apps, with more apps being added over the past several months. Chrome, YouTube, and AdSense are just some of the apps supporting this type of login.

Google Play Books’ version 1.6.1 finally adds the Single Sign-On, while also bringing support for copying selected text, should the copyright settings on the file allow for such a thing.

You can download Google Play Books for iOS from Softpedia.

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