Dotcom Shows Off One of Mega's 720 TB Storage Rack As Extradition Is Postoned Again

Mega, MegaUpload's spiritual successor, is launching in a month's time

Kim Dotcom's upcoming Mega cloud storage and sharing service is becoming more "real" with each new day. The latest example is the first storage rack that's supposed to serve the new site which is going live in about a month. Dotcom revealed the photo and shared a bit of details.

The rack has 720 terabytes of storage, so roughly 720 times your average hard drive, and it's one of many to be used by Mega.

Dotcom, perhaps optimistically, expects Mega to use up some 20 petabytes per month for the first six months and more than that in the long run, especially after the Mega API becomes available.

For comparison, MegaUpload used just 25 petabytes of storage when its 1,103 servers were seized.

In the meantime, the extradition hearing which will decide whether Dotcom gets shipped off to the US or not has been postponed yet again to August 2013, a year after the initial date.

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