Dotcom Promises Huge Launch Party for Mega, MegaUpload's Successor

Mega is expected to launch on the MegaUpload raid anniversary

Kim Dotcom is known for many things, but being subtle isn't one of them. So there was no doubt that the launch of his upcoming storage service, Mega, won't be low key. In fact, Dotcom is promising just that, a launch event like no other, at the Dotcom mansion no less.

"Members of the media who like to be at the press conference of the EPIC Mega launch at the Dotcom Mansion pls register:," Dotcom tweeted.

"Expect a press conference like no other. You know me. I can't do small," he added. There's no telling of what to expect at the launch event, but it's probably going to be quite extravagant.

There are plenty of cloud storage services out there, but Mega does have a unique combination of features, client-side encryption as well as public sharing.

It's all vaporware for now though; until we see the product live, all we've got is Dotcom's word that it's going to be great. Mega is slated to launch in January, on the one-year anniversary of the MegaUpload raid, 22 days from now.

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