Dotcom Can Seek Damages from New Zealand Spy Agency over Its Illegal Operations

Dotcom is also suing the police over the illegal raid on his mansion

Kim Dotcom's fortunes are getting better and better. He still has an extradition case to fight, but a New Zealand court decided he can now seek a full disclosure of what the country's spy agency has gathered on him and sue for damages for the illegal surveillance and the raid at his mansion a year ago.

It was revealed that Government Communications Security Bureau snooped on his communications a number of times in the months prior to the raid, prompted by the FBI.

The GCSB is not allowed to spy on New Zealand nationals or legal residents, which Dotcom was. The GCSB admitted that the operation was illegal. The Prime Minister also apologized for it.

The court ruled that Dotcom could have full access to the documents covering the spy operations, so that they can mount a case against the GCSB. Dotcom is already suing the police over the excessive use of force during the raid in January.

Dotcom won't be wasting this opportunity and will pursue this lawsuit, even as he is fighting to stay in the country.

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