Disabling Add-ons Will Speed Up Your Firefox

It's an obvious tip, but one that's often overlooked

There's a lot of talk about browser performance and a lot of boasting about which is the fastest and why. But synthetic benchmarks and the latest and greatest JavaScript engine means little when you've got other things slowing down your browser, things you're in control of.

The biggest cause for browser slowdowns, memory usage and performance degradation are add-ons and the more you have installed the likelier it is they'll slow down your browser.

That's not really a secret to anyone, but even people that think they're keeping the computer lean and fast forget one simple thing that will have a big impact, disable any add-on you don't use.

Mozilla has an obvious yet effective tip on its Firefox Den blog, aimed mostly at novice users but equally useful to more advanced ones as well, just off to Tools>Add-ons select the Extensions tab and check out what add-ons you have installed. Disable any of them you're not using, it will only take a minute, but may save you a lot more time in the long run.

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