Diplomats from Several Countries Set Up Meeting to Discuss Snowden Case

Russia, Cuba, Venezuela and Ecuador are on the list of countries that will meet in Moscow

The Snowden case will be discussed in Moscow by representatives from several countries that are currently involved with the man behind the NSA leak.

Diplomats from Russia, Cuba, Venezuela and Ecuador will meet on Monday to discuss the situation of the ex CIA employee responsible for unveiling NSA spying programs that concern the entire globe, El Comercio reports.

The diplomats are supposed to have a roundtable discussion with human rights activists in Russian headquarters of the Public Chamber of Russia, in order to give “a social value to the situation.”

Edward Snowden has fled Hong Kong on Sunday and landed in Moscow where he has remained ever since.

According to reports, he had booked a flight out to Havana, Cuba this past Monday, but he never showed up. From Cuba, he was supposed to fly to Venezuela and eventually to Ecuador.

Snowden has officially requested political asylum in Ecuador, but Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuelan president also mentioned that if Snowden made such a petition in his country, they’d “almost certainly” accept.

Due to pressures and threats made by the United States, Ecuador’s officials announced that they would not bow down to such actions and waived their trade benefits. They also offered to pay for some human rights training in the United States.

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