Did PRISM Change the Way You Use the Internet?

Although we know we're being spied on, nothing has changed

Deep down everyone must have known about the fact that our every move was being watched on the Internet or that there would be a bigger reaction to the news.

Sure, there were thousands of reports on what has been happening right under our noses, there were also many outraged comments about how the American government could do this. But nothing has changed.

As I wrote a few days after news about the PRISM program broke through, although we know everything we know now, we’re still using the services of the companies that were on the NSA list – Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Apple, YouTube and so on.

The biggest evidence of this is the growth reported by DuckDuckGo, a search engine that offers complete privacy. The company announced that they reached 3 million daily queries in just a few days with an obvious spike after PRISM was revealed.

But that’s such a small number compared to the number of searches run by Google, Yahoo or Bing each day. In comparison to Google, DuckDuckGo’s growth doesn’t really count.

While DuckDuckGo gets about 90 million searches per month, Google handles about 13 billion in the United States alone, without adding up those in the rest of the world.

While it’s true that the numbers regarding Google are for May and that the company might have lost some customers in June in light of PRISM, the changes are unlikely to be too big.

So, once more, did your online behavior change?

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