Details from the Top Secret Google Glass Hackathon

Google is still not revealing much about the upcoming device

A couple of weeks ago, Google held its first developer event for Google Glass. The idea was to get developers familiar with the API for the device, but, more importantly, to get Google more familiar with what developers wanted or needed and figure out what works and what doesn't with the current API.

Anyone going had to sign very strict non-disclosure agreements, which is why no one has heard anything about the event or the device since then.

But now, Google is opening up a bit itself and showcasing some photos from the hackathon. Don't hold your breath though, Google isn't actually revealing anything.

All it said was that developers came up with 80 new ways of using the glasses, a nice number for their first time with the device or the API.

The ones that got to demo their creations got a glass bar inscribed with the word Pioneer and the eight top apps got a pair of the "Explorer" edition Google glasses, the ones that are set to go out this year to developers who pre-ordered them at last year's Google I/O.


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