Demonoid Is Down Again, Only a Month After Resurfacing

Who knows how long it will stay down this time around

Demonoid's latest run hasn't been particularly long, even by its standards. A bit over a month after it came back online, Demonoid seems to be gone again. is down and none of the trackers at is responding, TorrentFreak found.

Demonoid has been down for long periods before so it may make a comeback. The site enjoyed a loyal following and a unique community, but if it stays down for much longer, fewer and fewer will return.

The site went down last summer with word that many of the people associated with it were arrested. The Interpol and IFPI confirmed the arrests. Despite claims from one person associated with the site, things looked pretty dire.

But Demonoid made a surprising comeback a month ago, surprising at least if this wasn't Demonoid. The site has returned from the clutches of death several times before. It remains to be seen whether it will manage it this time around as well.

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