Demonoid Investigation Stalled as Admin Is Released

It seems that the case against Demonoid isn't going so well

Demonoid, one of the most popular BitTorrent trackers and indexers out there, was shut down, seemingly for good, last August. There have been some small signs of life since, but it doesn't seem like the site is coming back anytime soon.

The reason for this was a criminal investigation against some of its alleged admins.

Demonoid's servers were raided and people associated with the site arrested in Mexico, an international rights-holders group confirmed at the time.

Now though, TorrentFreak has found that the case isn't progressing very well and the investigation may in fact have stalled.

The one person held in prison for the connection to Demonoid has been released.

The investigation appears to be continuing in Mexico, where at least some of the people associated with the site are believed to be residing, Ukraine, where the servers were located and Panama it turns out.

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