Deezer Goes Mobile with Tigo in 6 Latin American Countries

The music streaming service will be bundled with mobile plans

Deezer is continuing its plans of world domination by announcing not another expansion but an even more important deal with a Latin American carrier, which would see Deezer bundled with mobile plans in six countries.

These deals can be very important to services like Deezer since they expose the music service to a lot more people that wouldn’t find it by themselves.

Via the new deal with Tigo in six countries, Deezer will become the first mobile music streaming in these countries, Honduras, Colombia, Paraguay, Guatemala, Bolivia and El Salvador.

Deezer is already available there, but only the web-based version. Deezer is available in some 160 countries and it's adding more.

The strategy is to make the service available as widely as possible and be the first or one of the first music streaming service in many places.

It's a sound strategy for a couple of reasons, for one it can license music for these countries on the cheap and in great batches.

Second, people there don't have alternatives, they either subscribe to Deezer or not. There are risks, the number of people willing to pay for music, let alone a monthly subscription, is small in these countries.

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