Deezer Goes Free with Unlimited Music for a Year

The ad supported version aims to draw more users to the music service

Deezer, the music streaming service that aims to conquer the world by avoiding the US, has now unveiled a free, ad-supported version. Unregistered users could only play 30-second previews of the songs. Deezer had a free trial period, but users had to subscribe after that.

Now, registered users can listen to tracks in full as long as they put up with the ads. There is a limit of just two hours of listening per month, just a two or three albums at most, but that kicks in after a year.

For 12 months, users can listen to all of the music they can handle. Anyone who isn't convinced after a year to start paying up is probably never going to be convinced.

Deezer already has three million subscribers, one million more than it had a couple of months ago. It's clear that the latest expansions are working.

It's still two million subscribers behind Spotify, but the company is putting the recent cash infusion to good use.

It does look like Deezer has a bit more to learn about online advertising as some ads seem scammy at best and malicious at worst.

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