Deezer Finally Launches in Brazil

The music streaming site was already available in much of Latin America

Deezer's strategy of launching in as many places as possible seems to be paying off so far, though the company is far from being profitable, like everyone else in the music streaming business.

Still, it's continuing that strategy by launching in Brazil, one of the few places in Latin America where it wasn't available already.

The site's been translated into Brazilian Portuguese, there's a new Deezer Brazil Twitter account, but other than that, the service is the same as everywhere else, quite obviously.

Subscriptions are R$8.90, about $4.35 or €3.26 for the web-only subscription and R$14,90, $7.29 or €5.46. There's also a free version, Deezer has recently launched a free tier that offers unlimited music for a year, but is ad-supported.

Brazil is already one of the biggest internet markets in the world and is part of the few that are growing at a fast pace, the so-called BRIC, Brazil, Russia, India and China, which both means Deezer should have been here sooner and explains why it took its time.

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