Deezer Debuts Mobile App Platform, Affiliate Program for Developers

Developers will be able to make money from their apps by getting people to sign up

Deezer may not be as big as Spotify yet, but it's been moving faster lately. While Spotify announced its third-party app service earlier, Deezer was the first to implement it.

Now, it's doing the same with mobile apps and it's also using an affiliate program to encourage more developers to get involved.

To encourage more apps, activity from these apps will show up in the social bar inside the Deezer app. Crucially, third-party apps will work inside the mobile Deezer apps as well.

The new Affiliate Program is also designed to spur interesting third-party apps, developers will get paid for users who sign up for Deezer coming through apps that join the program. They will get the equivalent of one month's subscription.

There aren't many apps for Deezer at this point, but the company boasts that it has 26 million users, more than Spotify, three million of which are paying subscribers. Spotify has six million paying users.

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