Ctrl+V to Upload to Imgur, Simplest Method Yet

You can now upload images from your clipboard on Imgur

Imgur, the popular photo sharing site has added a very interesting new feature, one that should make it a lot easier to upload photos, uploading via the clipboard.

Specifically, it is now possible to upload a photo to the site simply by pasting it from the clipboard.

It really is the simplest way to do this and it's something that plenty of people have been asking for, for a long time. It only took HTML5 to get to where it is now to make it possible.

Note that this only works if the image itself is in the clipboard not its path, i.e. if you hit PrtScn in Windows or select "Copy image" in your browser. After that, just hit Ctrl+V and you're done.

The new functionality is part of the new gallery introduced a couple of weeks ago, which has been rolled out over that time.

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