Create Perfect Timeline Cover Photos with the Aviary Facebook Photo Editor

The app has a new crop setting that is perfect for cover photos

The latest update to the Aviary Facebook app comes with a small but very interesting addition, the ability to crop photos to be a perfect fit for the Facebook Timeline cover. For any moderately advanced user, this seems like a trivial update.

But it's just the kind of thing that regular users look for and find useful. The crop tool of the Aviary Facebook app comes with a new pre-built aspect ratio labeled "Cover Photo."

This setting enables users to crop a portion of the photo they want to be of the precise aspect ratio Facebook's cover photos use, making them a perfect fit without the need for any adjusting.

Any photo you cut with the Aviary app will be saved to the Aviary album and should be in the Recent Uploads sections as well if you switch to the new cover photo immediately.

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