Conan O'Brien Makes Fun of Google Glass, Creates Helper

Conan's sense of humor shines on in new Google Glass Helper video

Wearing Google Glass in the real world can be quite tricky, so Conan O’Brien’s team took the time to create a quick Google Glass Helper for those in need of some aid.

The video presents a young man wearing Glass. When he goes to get some food, he asks Google Glass for help. “It looks like you’re hungry. GPS history tells me you rarely leave the house. Here are some local restaurants with delivery options,” a man appears and tells the Glass wearer.

The video only gets funnier from there on out, making sure to touch some interesting topics, including bathroom privacy. Once more, Glass proves to be helpful by providing some images with a waterfall and, well, making some water noises.

But, I’m not going to ruin the video for you, so take a minute and watch it for yourself.

Obviously, they’re just poking fun at Google Glass and that’s not what the device does, but it would be funny if it did.

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