Comedy Central to Host Twitter and Vine Exclusive Comedy Festival

Twitter is slowly becoming a media platform, for better or for worse

Vine is only a few months old, but it's already shaping up nicely. Part of its success has to do with its creator, Twitter, but the short video sharing service would probably be just as popular without Twitter's help.

It probably wouldn't have been able to land a partnership with Viacom's Comedy Central this early though.

Comedy Central is hosting a five-day comedy festival on Twitter and Vine alone, with several comedians, including legends Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner.

The comedians participating will share short videos on Vine and tweet jokes under the #ComedyFest hashtag.

There will be live streams and other content, but a lot of it will happen on Twitter. For Twitter, which has been very popular with TV, it's one step forward towards becoming a media company, or at least a media platform itself.

Quite the change from Twitter's beginnings, but this is what people use Twitter for these days, at least in the US, and Twitter is embracing it.

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