Codecademy Adds API Courses for YouTube, SoundCloud, and Others

The API courses aim to teach you real world skills

Codecademy is one of the sites that are contributing to the online learning revolution. Its aim is to make it easy to learn programming and to make it accessible to anyone, the only requirement is an internet connection. So far, it has focused on web technologies, JavaScript along with HTML and CSS and more recently Python.

While the site encourages going beyond the examples and lessons, the skills you learn there are the basics. There was still a step missing, the transition between theory, between courses and actual work.

The gap is smaller now with the addition of several lessons dealing with APIs, not just at a theoretical level, but using actual working APIs from the web, courtesy of YouTube, and others.

"Codecademy has long taught people the basics of programming and how to build things like games and websites. It's always been our goal to help people create things - to make companies, products, and real-world applications," Codecademy said.

"Today, we're one step closer with that. We worked with great companies like Youtube, NPR, Bitly, SoundCloud, Parse, and more to teach you how to build simple API apps," it explained.

The idea is to get you started on using actual real-world products. With APIs being the core of most web projects today, despite the trends towards more closed-up products, they're a great addition to Codecademy.

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