Coca Cola Can +1 Your Photos Now, Even If You Don't Follow It

Pages can interact with content posted by any Google+ user now

One of the big missing features when Google+ came out was lack of support for pages or businesses. This was rectified soon enough and Google has continued to expand the support for businesses and all manner of organizations on its social network.

The latest addition is the ability for pages to interact with content and users outside of their circles. For example, pages can now +1 any item published by any users, not just the ones that have the page in their circle.

The limitation had to do with spam control, Google wanted to prevent aggressive marketing and downright spam by enabling pages to contact anyone.

But Google must be feeling more confident about it now, since any page can interact with personal profiles of people that have not circled them.

Google hasn't made any official announcements about the feature, but it has been enabled for everyone. This should make it possible for pages to interact with fans or customers, +1 the stuff they like, comment on any criticism and so on.

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