CloudFlare Explains How Syria's Internet Went Completely Dark

There are absolutely no connections from the country

Syria remains cut off from the internet in one of the blackest blackouts of its kind in history. While it's certainly not the first country to shut down the internet during times of turmoil, the government was successful in blocking all internet communications to and from the country, on a scale never before seen.

Many observers report seeing absolutely no connections from the country. The government was able to do this since all internet connections in the country are routed via the state telecom company.

While some reports indicate that the government is blaming the rebels for the outage, evidence suggests otherwise.

CloudFlare, a CDN of sorts, explains that none of the four connections the country has is working, one cut cable as the government explained would not be enough.

The only IPs attributed to Syria that are still live come from the TATA Communications network, but it became clear that those servers were located outside of the country.

With tens of thousands dead in the conflict in Syria, having the internet shut down seems like a minor complaint. But with the internet gone, it's safe to assume that the government will become even more violent in its retaliations.

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