CloudFlare Announces Support for SPDY in Beta

It's looking like a good day for SPDY after nginx added support as well

It's starting to look like today is SPDY day. Just hours after nginx announced that it landed initial support for the updated protocol, CloudFlare has announced that it's supporting it as well, in beta.

It makes sense though as the two announcements are related, CloudFlare uses nginx extensively and it couldn't have offered support before this. Currently, SPDY only accepts encrypted connections. What this means is that the SPDY beta is only available to paying CloudFlare customers as only HTTP access is free.

But there's an upside too, using SPDY along with CloudFlare enables websites to make the most out of the new protocol. One of the big limitations of SPDY is that it works per domain.

Most websites though host resources from various third-parties meaning they tend to take less advantage from SPDY's benefits. With CloudFlare, all of the resources are routed via the same domain, making the most out of SPDY's multiplexing.

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