Chromium 27 Is Here, Chrome 27 Dev, Chrome 26 Beta and Chrome 25 Stable Soon

Google is getting ready to graduate Chrome 26 to the beta channel

Chromium 27 is here which means Chrome 27 is just around the corner. As usual, the version change doesn't mean much, it's just a way for Google developers to keep track of Chrome releases.

With Chromium 27 now in active development, work on Chrome 26, currently in the dev channel, will focus on bug fixing and getting the version ready for the beta channel.

Once Chrome 26 is stable enough, it should make the switch to the beta channel at which point Chrome 27 will show up in the dev channel, this shouldn't take more than a couple of weeks at the most.

Moving one version up the channels means moving all of them, so Chrome 25 will go stable as well around the same time. In fact, the stable Chrome 25 will be the first to come, to make room in the beta channel for Chrome 26.

Interestingly enough, it will also be the first Android Chrome to make the switch to the stable channel from the newly introduced beta channel. We'll have to see whether Google will be able to keep the Android channels in sync with the desktop ones, as it promised.

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