Chromebook TV Ad Campaign Shows Google Finally Believes in Chrome OS [Video]

Google will market the new Chromebook heavily before the holidays

Chrome OS and Chromebooks haven't been getting a lot of love. Google's been promoting its second operating system, but obviously nothing on the scale of Android.

But it's not just lack of faith or attention, Google doesn't want to promote Chrome OS too much and it doesn't even want that many people buying Chromebooks.

That's because Chromebooks are not for everyone, they're for people already comfortable with doing everything online. Most people aren't.

What's more, most people see a cheap laptop and assume it does everything a Windows laptop would.

Obviously, Chrome OS is quite different from Windows, so many ignorant buyers would be disappointed.

Google has been very careful in targeting the early adopters and the people that are more likely to "get" the Chromebook and make use of one.

But Google is changing its tune a bit, with the new $249 Chromebook and the latest Chrome OS, it believes the device could appeal to more people or that, at the very least, people will not be expecting a $249 device to replace a $800 Windows laptop.

Google plans to market the new device as it never did before. It's starting an ad campaign to showcase the Chromebook, with some ads even running on TV.

It's obvious Google believes the Chromebook is finally ready, but it remains to be seen if that is true.

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