Chrome's "Goats Teleported" Easter Egg Hints at a Wonderful Future

A future full of goats and teleportation, but we've got 25 more years till then

This one has been around for a long time, but maybe some haven't stumbled upon it until now. Google is a big fan of Easter Eggs and its Chrome browser, it seems, is no exception.

The Chrome task manager is one of the best features in the browser, it enables you to find out which site or app is acting up, which one is using up memory or hogging bandwidth.

You can customize the tool and have it display various metrics. All of them are useful in certain cases, but none is more useful than the crucial Goats Teleported metric.

It shows the number of goats teleported by each tab or process, presumably in a second. This way you'll be able to easily find out whether a site is teleporting too many goats, perhaps affecting Chrome's teleporting abilities, or, conversely, which sites don't teleport enough goats.

If you're wondering about the science behind goat teleportation, the formula that measures the number of goats dematerialized and rematerialized at a different location by each tab is this ((94024 * 1737350766) & 0x7FFFFFFF) + rand().

No one knows what the first number represents, the second one though is PHI * 2^30, where PHI is the golden ratio, 1.68. 0x7FFFFFFF, in UNIX time is 2147483647 or 19 January 2038. It seems that any of us lucky enough to make it to the faraway date will get to see the goat teleporting future with our very eyes.


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