Chrome's Experimental New Tab Page Moves Recent Tabs to the Menu

Google is still trying to figure out how to build search into Chrome

Chrome's revamped new tab page, which has been in the works for months now, is progressing and getting new features and tweaks all the time.

However, it doesn't look like Google is any closer to releasing it to a wider audience anytime soon.

It is a big change though, bundling Google search with the new tab page and Chrome itself isn't something Google wants to or should rush through.

The latest addition in Chromium and Chrome Canary is a "Recent Tabs" option in the main menu. In the current new tab page, there's a "Recently closed" link, but it's gone in the revamped new tab page.

Instead, the functionality is now part of the Chrome menu, slotted just below the Bookmarks submenu. The ability to find recently closed tabs isn't something you need all that often, but when you do need it you'll be glad it's there. It doesn't really matter where it's placed.

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