Chrome Security Update Patches Pinkie Pie's $60,000 Exploit

The winning exploit of the Pwnium 2 contest has been patched already

Google isn't saying much about Pinkie Pie's exploit that won the $60,000 prize in Pwnium 2, but that doesn't mean it's doing nothing.

Quite the contrary, the bugs that enabled the exploit have already been patched and Google has already issued a stable channel update which fixes them.

Google isn't saying much about the bug or bugs just yet though. "SVG use-after-free and IPC arbitrary file write," is all the info Google provided.

"Congratulations to Pinkie Pie, returning to the fray with another beautiful piece of work!," Google's Jason Kersey also said.

"We’re delighted at the success of Pwnium 2, and anticipate additional hardening and future improvements to Chrome as a result of the competition," he added.

Google usually fixes the bugs found in these competitions fairly quickly, but this has to be a record, the vulnerabilities were disclosed only hours ago.

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