Chrome OS Dev Update Is on Par with Desktop, Available to All Devices

The latest Chrome 25.1364.26 has arrived on Chromebooks and the Chromebox

Chrome OS' dev channel has gotten an update and, in a rare occurrence, it's actually keeping up with the desktop channel. Chromebook owners that want the latest and greatest now get Chrome 25.1364.26, same as desktop users, part of Chrome OS 3428.49.0.

Not only is the version a recent one, the update covers all Chrome OS devices, top to bottom, also something rare recently. As for what the update brings, since Google is getting ready to push Chrome 25 to the beta channel, this is mostly a bug fixing release.

Some bugs in Google Docs have been fixed, given that Docs is one of the few viable option for office software on Chrome OS, it's an important move.

Other fixes include audio working for spoken feedback, fixes for multi-monitor support – which was only recently introduced, an issue where scrolling jumps to the top of the page as well as several crashes.

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