Chrome OS Dev Update Has More Hints of a Touch Screen Chromebook

Plus several interesting new features for existing Chromebook users

On the face of it, the latest Chrome OS dev update is nothing special, a few bugs fixed, a new Flash version, the usual stuff.

But it does come with several user-facing changes, the new wallpaper picker is almost ready, a new and some may say annoying overscroll effect and couple of new experimental features as well.

The wallpaper picker app has a darker and transparent UI which looks interesting, or at least distinctive. The transparency option is actually available to all app developers now. There is also a new dialog box UI, certainly snazzier looking than before.

Also new is a vertical overscrolling feature, now; when you reach the top of the page, you get a visual cue, similar to the ones you're familiar with from mobile OSes. In fact, the overscrolling effect makes a lot more sense with touch input than when you're a mouse.

Considering all the rumors about a touch-input Chromebook being in the works and all the signs we've seen so far, this is further proof that something is in the works.

There's more, inside chrome://flags you'll notice a new flag dubbed "request tablet site" which wouldn't make much sense unless a touch input device was being prepared.


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