Chrome May Support Mozilla's Asm.js for Native-Speed Web Apps

Chrome is already 2.4 times better at running asm.js than a few weeks ago

Mozilla's asm.js is growing up fast, and it's already supported by Firefox 22 Beta. But technologies only supported by one browser don't get very far on the web.

Granted, asm.js is just JavaScript, but a full-blown app converted to asm.js would run painfully slow in other browsers.

Thankfully, Google may be looking to back up asm.js. There's nothing official just yet, but there is some interest from inside Google.

As it turns out, during I/O, Google boasted about the fact that, in the past few weeks, since asm.js was introduced, Chrome had gotten 2.4 times faster at running asm.js-optimized code.

It's a big improvement, though Chrome is still significantly slower than Firefox. But this was only with minimal effort; if Google decided to fully support asm.js, and it shouldn't be that complicated, Chrome could easily match Firefox's speed.

What's more, it would encourage more developers to write or convert powerful apps for the web, knowing that the most popular browser in the world and the third most popular browser in the world support the technology.

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