Chrome Is Getting a Quieter Password Save UI

The infobar prompt is getting replaced with a bubble popup

Google is working on a revised interface for the Chrome password manager. Now, users won't get annoying "save password" prompts every time they enter a password on a site. Instead, they'll see a key icon in the omnibox which opens up a save password panel when you click on it.

The panel enables you to save the password you just entered on a site or disable the feature for the URL so you won't get prompted again.

"The chromium team is currently experimenting a new UI to save passwords: Instead of showing a big infobar, a subtle icon is shown in the omnibox which gives us the possibility to save the password or blacklist the website," Chrome watcher François Beaufort explains.

The new UI is not enabled by default, and you have to run Chrome with the "--enable-save-password-bubble" command line switch. This only works in the latest Chromium builds, but it should be added to the Canary builds soon. It will also be included as a flag option, if Google wants to pursue this redesign.

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