Chrome Is Being Discarded in Favor of Internet Explorer – Net Applications

Firefox isn't even putting up a fight anymore, the future is clear, IE will rule

While StatCounter shows that Chrome dominates the browser market and has been the number one browser in the world for a few months now, Net Applications doesn't agree.

In fact, it sees that Chrome's market share peaked months ago and has been declining ever since.

Firefox isn't doing so swell either, at least on that the two analytics companies can agree. But the youthful Internet Explorer is going from strength to strength.

The numbers from Net Applications show that Internet Explorer is reaching heights of popularity it hasn't seen in years. IE fans, it seems, are all around you, you just don't know who they are. Maybe they just use IE when you're not looking.

Firefox dipped below 20 percent in October, it's not the first time in recent months though, it got to 19.71 percent in May, but bounced back after that.

Chrome is going up and down as well, it's now at 18.55 percent, down from 18.86 percent in September. IE though is at 54.13 percent, up from, 53.63 percent.

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