Chrome Has Just as Many Users Today as It Had in October 2011, It Seems

StatCounter shows a soaring Chrome, but Net Applications is much more pessimistic

While StatCounter continues to show Chrome dominating the browser market, Net Applications isn't so optimistic. In fact, it shows Chrome declining in January, back to levels seen a couple of years ago. According to these numbers, Chrome usage hit a brick wall at around the 19 percent mark.

Nobody has switched to Chrome since October 2011 it seems or, rather, the few people that did switch ran back to IE as soon as possible.

Or maybe it's down to a surge in new computers and new users who are sticking with what came in the box, namely Internet Explorer.

Whatever the case, Internet Explorer is reclaiming its former glory, it ended January at 55.14 percent mark, up from 54.77 percent at the end of 2012.

Chrome in the meantime dropped from 18.04 percent to just 17.48 percent usage. Firefox climbed from 19.82 percent to 19.94 percent.

Safari didn't even get that, just as many people are using the browser at the end of January as they did at the end of 2012, or, more accurately, the number of new users grew proportional to the overall number of people new to the internet.

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