Chrome Grows Bigger, IE Loses Market Share and Firefox Stays Flat in November

Chrome is not stopping any time soon, it keeps getting bigger

Google Chrome continues to dominate the browser market share, according to StatCounter numbers, the Google browser gained one percentage point in just one month, going from 34.77 percent in October to 35.72 percent in the last. This further distances it from Internet Explorer, the runner up.

IE ended the month with 31.23 percent market share, a drop from last month when it had 32.08 percent. The drop is smaller than Chrome's, indicating that other browsers were hurt as well.

The only other browser to lose market share, though, was Opera, going from 1.63 percent to 1.39 percent.

Firefox managed not to drop anything, but that's all the good news it can get, it went from 22.32 percent in October to 22.37 percent last month. Likewise, Safari went from 7.81 percent to 7.83 percent.

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