Chrome Dominates in March, IE Is 10 Percentage Points Behind

Chrome is on its way to total domination of the browser market

The only slightly surprising thing to happen in the browser market in March, according to StatCounter numbers at least, is that Safari lost a bit of market share. Otherwise, Chrome continues its glorious rise, IE continues to drop and Firefox manages to stay above 20 percent.

Chrome had a very good month in March, gaining almost one percentage point, going from 37.09 percent to 38.07 percent market share. Judging by StatCounter data, there's no stopping for Chrome, which is distancing itself as the clear leader.

Given that Google seems poised to become the Microsoft of its age, it's fitting perhaps that Chrome should follow IE's path and attain dominance in the browser market.

It remains to be seen if that leads to something similar to the horribleness that was Internet Explorer, not as unlikely as it may seem judging by how things are going with WebKit.

Meanwhile, Internet Explorer is down to 29.3 percent market share, from 29.82 percent in February, almost 10 percentage points behind Chrome, even though the two browsers were almost tied as recently as August last year.

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