Chrome 25 Beta for Chrome OS Comes with Extended Multi-Monitor Support

The latest update comes with a new Flash and several improvements

A few months back, Google promised that starting with 2013, all Chrome versions would be kept in sync, as much as possible. That is, the desktop, Chrome OS and Android release should be fairly similar and not too long one after the other.

Chrome 25 is where this will happen for the first time and, for now, Google seems to be keeping up with it.

The Android Chrome beta is regularly updated and, though coming a bit later, the Chrome OS one is keeping up as well.

Chrome 25 landed in the beta channel only a few days ago, but it's getting some pretty big updates already. In the latest, Chrome 25.0.1364.46 beta, part of Chrome OS 3428.92.0, users get a new Flash along with some fixes and improvements.

The Pepper version of the Flash plugin is now at version Also new is HTML5 Content Decryption Module with support for Google's WebM.

The initial beta release also added support for extended multi-monitor configurations and a new way of automatically arranging windows so they make the most of the space available.

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