Chrome 25.0.1347.5 Dev for Chromebooks Is Here, Does More Harm than Good

The Chromebox and the Acer C7 Chromebook are spared this update

Chromebook owners running the dev channel have got a new update waiting for them. The latest update, packing Chrome 25.0.1347.5, part of Chrome OS 3337.1.0, comes with some fixes but also plenty of known issues. Luckily for Acer C7 Chromebooks and Samsung Chromeboxes, the update isn't for them.

Everyone else should be glad that several crashes have been fixed, so if a particularly nasty one has been annoying you, it may have been fixed.

There's also a new Flash for the new Samsung Chrombook and Flash for everyone else.

Finally, there is still plenty to fix. If you're using an external keyboard, which you would definitely be with a Chromebox, the function keys won't work. Switching from 360p to 1080p on YouTube causes audio problems, caused by hardware acceleration it seems.

PDF pages aren't displayed properly after using the print preview on them. Finally, if you've got an incorrect proxy set up, you may be stuck at the login screen.

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