Chrome 24 Will Get Shortened Internal URLs for Easier Tinkering

Internal pages will be easier to access with the new URLs

Chrome isn't as tweakable as Firefox, but there's a lot you can do under the hood, if you know where to look. Google is now making it a bit easier for those that tinker with their browser by simplifying some of the internal Chrome pages links.

For example, the settings page can be accessed via the chrome://chrome/settings URL. But a new patch that just landed in Chromium changes this to chrome://settings. It's not a huge change, but it makes it easier to remember, faster to type and looks better.

The URL for extensions, history and help have also been simplified and follow the same pattern, extensions is chrome://extensions, history is now chrome://history and so on.

The changes are already visible in the latest Chromium builds and should be landing in the dev channel soon enough, probably along with Chrome 24 debuting in dev after Chrome 23 graduates to the beta channel.

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